About Me


Taylor Rae. Double name given to be me by my Midwestern mother.
 I was suppose to be a boy. I came out a girl. Being the quick thinker she is she just switched the names around and instead of "Raymond Taylor" I became "Taylor Rae."


Sweet state of Georgia!

About me:

I'm a Believer who is clearly obsessed with turquoise/blue. I love everything to do with South {except sweet tea}, drinking Starbucks when the budget allows, and living with my {new} husband! I'm UGA graduate who married a GA Tech grad and somehow we've found a way to make this work! I love living in Atlanta, but parts of me will always consider Charleston and Athens home.

About this blog:

I've wanted to start a blog for a while, but my fear of not having anything to say held me back. Finally, I just went for it! Around here you'll find DIY projects, recipes, adventures, and a little about me. My favorite part of blogging has been connecting with other bloggers and readers. So be sure to leave a comment and let me know a little about you!

People You Should Know:

I have a wonderful family! They're important, you should meet them!

James: "The husband." He's my better half! He's funny and way cooler than me!

Samantha and Micah: "Sis" and her husband! My sweet younger sister/best friend. We've been pretty much inseparable our entire lives and when I grow up I want to be just like her!

Mom and Dad: Greatest parents ever! 
My mom is incredibly creative and can make just about anything look good! 
Dad can fix anything! He instilled in me my love for all things sports including UGA football!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. I am from the south and LOVE all things southern EXCEPT sweet tea haha! For some reason I just don't really care for it and my family and friends think I am crazy. Y'all are so cute! Can't wait to get to know you better through your blog! :)

  2. Just found your blog and I am loving it already, super cute. Can't wait to get to follow along with your blog.

  3. Came across your blog, and love your wedding details, beautiful!!! Come follow me!!

  4. So I just found your blog through a five on Friday link up and it is absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to read more!


  5. oh my gosh you are too cute! i'm so glad I found your blog I can't wait to read more:)

  6. I love the story behind your name! Too cute! :)

  7. Hi Taylor!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! To find out all about it go here...


    Hope you are having a great day!

  8. Such a cute blog! I was supposed to be a boy too. Although my name was going to be Albert Charles (gag me with a spoon!), but when my parents discovered I was a girl, they quickly decided to change my name to Louise Claire (after my grandmothers)! Thank God my grandmother Louise hated her name and told them absolutely not! My older sister ended up naming me, I like Heather Claire a lot better ;-).


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