Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DIY: Story About Doors

I've received a few emails asking about the wedding doors. Rather than answer each email individually I figured I'd answer as many questions as I can here. I received question like: how did we put the frame together, how did we stabilize them, and did the doors actually open and close? 
Before I answer what I can I should preface this post. My dad owns a construction business; he builds things. I don't and I most definitely didn't build these. However, I spoke to mom and dad about how he build this and what materials he used. He used a bunch of words I didn't know, but I tried my best to keep up.
So, here is the wedding doors how-to as I understand it!

Here is the diagram I drew based on what he told me:

    • To build everything "we" used 2x6 boards i.e. these
    • The doors definitely opened and closed (that was the whole point for us). We used black hinges that attached to the doors and the frame
    • We attached handles to one side of the door and not the other. They swung out, so we attached them to the outside side. 
    • For extra stability we drove cut rebar (15 inches) into the ground. Your local hardware store will probably have other stakes in various materials that would work.
    • We placed large ferns in front of the A-frame so you couldn't see it. You can see that better in the picture below.
    • The platform 2x6 boards on both sides of the frame (that laid flat on the ground) are important to keep the doors and frame upright preventing them from falling over on your guests!
    • To attach the sigh above the doors we used metal brackets (can see better below)
    • The frame was built and assembled beforehand. The doors and sign were attached at the venue.

The three pictures below may give you a better idea of the frame, hinges, and how we tried to camouflage the ugly important stuff.

I hope this helps at least a little bit! Good luck!

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  1. I love the door idea. What have you done with them now that the wedding is over? I think they would be a great decorative piece for a backyard.

  2. How cute is that! Why do you always see cute wedding ideas AFTER you got married?!

  3. This is AMAZING. By the way, forgot your blog had moved and so I AM JUST NOW CATCHING UP. Glad to be reunited long lost friend.

  4. Love this! My sister is getting married in Apr and really wants to use this idea. We hate having trouble staining/painting the doors to look similar to the color you had. Do you have suggestions or even color ideas for us? We are pulling our hair out trying to figure out a way to paint it.

  5. LOVE this... I was wondering if you remembered how you stained/painted them. I love the look of your doors, and I'm trying to figure out how to get ours to look similar. Do you remember what color stain and sanding process you used? Looks like you may have sanded, than stained, than sanded again to get kind of a distressed look. Does that sound about right?


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