Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY: Date Night Jar

James and I agreed not to exchange presents this year for Valentine's Day, so of course that means I make him something :) That doesn't count as a present... right? I've seen these "Date Night Jars" all over Pinterest and figured I'd try making my own. Most of them use popsicle sticks to put the date ideas on, but I didn't have any and it was snowing so paper worked just fine for me. 

This project was super easy, and I had it done in just a few hours. It was huge hit when he opened it. That was until he dropped it less than 24 hours later and the jar shattered. I guess it's the thought that counts.

Materials used:
    • Mason Jar or other clear jar with a lid
    • Paper: 3 different colors
    • Mod Podge (um... I've most definitely always called this stuff "Modge Podge")
    • Sharpies
    • Ribbon
I started out by brainstorming different date ideas. Some of them were dates we've been talking about and other came from doing a little online research. I liked the idea of using different colors to represent different date categories.

 Blue: "Stay @ Home Date Ideas"
    • Appetizers & Movie Night
    • Take Out & Board Games
    • Pizza & Italian Movie
    • Indoor Picnic
    • Wine & Cheese Night
    • Movie Night w/ Candy & Popcorn
    • Living Room Camp-Out
    • Cook a new meal together

Green: "Inexpensive Date Ideas"
    • Bowling
    • Dessert Only Date
    • Hiking 
    • Ice Cream Date
    • Picnic @ the Park
    • Donuts & Coffee
    • Food Truck Dinner Date
    • Drive-In Movie

Manilla: "Pricey & Planning Date Ideas"
    • Progressive Meal
    • Wine Tasting
    • Staycation
    • GA Aquarium
    • Weekend away in Nashville
    • Day Trip to Serenbe
    • Fancy Night Out
    • Day Trip to North GA 

I made the jar label using PicMonkey, and then painted on a think layer of Mod Podge on the back and centered it on the jar. 
 photo DateNightJar_zps42f662dd.jpg

And that's it! Super easy and I love[d] how it turned out... at least while it lasted!

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  1. Taylor, this is(was, sorry about that!) cute! I made one for us a while ago, but we never seem to remember to use it... Lame. You've inspired me to start using it! Have a great day!

  2. Love this, I may just have to make one... and hopefully it will last longer than 24 hours ;)

  3. First of all, I love handmade gifts and Pic Monkey : ) Secondly, I've seen this idea on Pinterest so many times and have been dying to make one! I'm so happy someone has! Such a cute and fun idea. I love it xo

  4. Um it's been called MODGE PODGE for years. The label on the jar is wrong. Also, I wanted to submit an idea for the "Manilla: Pricey & Planning" category...maybe a trip to the Lonestar State?!? Miss you dearly, friend!


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