Monday, March 3, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

Today I'm joining Brianna for her "10 Favorite Things" link-up. I was so excited for the theme this month: "the place you call home." Initially, I figured I would do Atlanta because it really has been the place I've called home for most of my life. However, after thinking about it I thought I may switch it up. I love Atlanta and love that it's home, but there are a few other places I consider to be home as well. Charleston and Athens are both definitely home even though I only lived in those places for a short time during college. As much as I wanted to pick one of those, I figured the best place to choose would be my home away from home: Hilton Head Island

Growing up we vacation on Hilton Head a few times every year, and a few years ago my parents bought a place there. Since then we've go down and visit regularly. It's one of my favorite places ever and here's why:

1. The Beach House: My parents bought a small older home and completely gutted it. I'm not one for seeing the overall "vision," and when they first purchased it I thought they were crazy. It was old and needed serious love. However, once they were done I got the vision. It's not a big home, but I think it's beautiful and it's so special to us. The house has changed a lot since these pictures, but here are the before and afters of a few of my favorite rooms right after the house was finished:
Before Living Room:

After Living Room:

Before Kitchen:

After Kitchen:

Before Bunk Room/ Sis and My Room:

After Bunk Room/ Sis and My Room:

2. This view: The view off the back deck is pretty awesome. The house is on a golf course and a little pond. The boys like finding abandoned golf balls in the pond while us girls like watch a pray that they don't fall in a get eaten by an alligator.

It's Riley's favorite view too :) 
But he's afraid of gators, so he doesn't go off the deck. Smart boy.

3. Secret Spots: Hilton Head was the first place James and I vacationed together as a couple. I took him to this pretty secluded dock on our first bike ride around the island. It's become our special spot.

4. Weather: For those of you who don't know Georgia is weather challenged. It can be snowing one day and 70 degrees the next. Hilton Head always seems, for the most part, have the weather thing figured out. One of my favorite times to go there is at Christmas. There is never anyone around and it's the prefect temperature.

5. The Beach: Duh. My mom has always called Sis and I "beach babies." I'll pick the beach over the lake any day.

6. Sunsets: Ever since my parents bought the beach house we always make a point to do sunset dinners on the beach. We pack up wine and cheese for dinner and head out the beach to watch the sun go down. It's my favorite.

7. Harbor Town: I have so many memories to going to Harbor Town in the summer and watching Greg Russell sing silly kid songs. I'll admit we still go see Greg Russell sing to all the kids when we can, but my favorite part of Harbor Town is the lighthouse.

8. Riding Bikes: One of my favorite things to do on the island is go on bike rides. Sometimes riding a bike is just more fun than walking.

9. Gators: What's a trip to Hilton Head if we don't look for the gators? There a bunch that live in the pond behind the house, so we're always bound to see at least a few.

10. Family Time: It's my favorite place to hang out with my favorite people!

There you go! A few of my favorite things about my home away from home!
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  1. Your parent's beach house is gorgeous!!! love all of the windows and color!

  2. Wow--that sure looks like a pretty fantastic place to visit!

  3. I love Hilton Head. I love old wood floors and the blue and white combination. I love the kitchen remodel. I love the headboards of the bunk room. I LOVE IT ALL. Yall are so lucky to have a beach home. :)

  4. Your parents hous is so beautiful. My mom has been to Hilton ahead and says it's absolutely beautiful!!

  5. I do believe this is my favorite blog post Taylor Rae…I love the ocean and I love family time at our beach house!! I do remember you voted to tear this little gem down to the ground and build new!!! Glad Samantha and I turned you around and we all worked together to make it our "home away from home"! It makes my heart happy knowing it means as much to you as it does to me! Love ya!!! Mom

    1. I thought you might this like post Momma. So glad you didn't listen to me and tear it down. You and dad did good work :) Love you!

  6. That house is decorated beautifully! And Carolina beaches are gorgeous! We spend a week in Surfside Beach every April. Love it there!

  7. Reading this makes me wanna go there right now!! Lets just forget about work right now and head down there. See you tonight?? :)

    1. Done! See you there tonight Sis! :)

  8. I'm SO jealous. This looks amazing. The house is beautiful! Thanks for linking up! :)

  9. Love living by the beach...I hope to be able to do it again one day!

  10. We used to vacation at Hilton Head too! Love it there. Your mom has some serious design skills! Can she come to my house next?

  11. LOVE the beach house before and after pictures!!! AMAZING!


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