Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites: Anniversary Edition

Happy Friday Loves!

Um, can someone please fill me in on where June went?! This summer is flying by and I kind of wish it would last forever. 

I'm linking up with Amanda to share our anniversary gifts. I hesitate to tell people one of my love languages is gifts. I'm afraid it sounds too materialistic and greedy, but actually it's not about money at all. What's important is the thought behind the gift or the words written in the note. Gifts make me feel thought of and special.

Be forewarned, this whole post is pretty sappy and corny.

{O N E}

One of our favorite things to do as a couple is to go on adventures. Small day trips or week long vacation doesn't matter; we love to travel. For our anniversary we took a weekend trip to Nashville. I had never been there before, but it's one of James' favorite cities so he had fun showing me all around. It was so much fun and I can't wait to share the details about our trip with y'all next week!

{T W O}

We didn't discuss it, but we each ending up sticking with the "paper" theme. I gave him a Datevitation coupon book. Seriously, if y'all haven't checked this website out do so now! It's too easy and fun to put together your own custom coupon book.
Along with the sweetest card the husband gave me a gift certificate to a spa. That boy knows the way to my heart! And of course we celebrated with some pink champagne. 

{T H R E E}

One of James favorite hymns is "Come Thou Fount." It was also one of the songs we had sung at our wedding so it has extra special meaning to us. My gift to James was this beautiful print I found on Etsy here. I had it framed and now it has a special place on our mantle. 

{F O U R}

Let's be honest though. James blew my gift out of the water. I was super impressed that he knew anniversaries even had themes. I was even more impressed that he made me a gift. I know a lot of things about my husband, but what I didn't know is that he's a closet crafter :) The words inside the tree are the lyrics of our first dance song "Sea Breeze." So sweet! Love that man.

{F I VE}

Best gift of all?
Getting to spend everyday with this guy. 

Okay, I gave you fair warning that it would be sappy!  

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Such a sweet post. I've always wanted to go to Nashville... can't wait to hear about your trip.

  2. Stop this post seriously made my heart flutter especially that last picture! What beautiful and thoughtful gifts and ohhhh pink champagne is my favorite!! Thanks so much for linking up girl! xoxo

  3. I'm so impressed with your husband's skills!! These are really good paper gift ideas. I might have to steal them for our anniversary in September! Have a great weekend girl and happy anniversary!

  4. Oh my word, how sweet is this! I love both of your gifts to each other.. they really had a lot of thought behind them. And the picture at the end is the sweetest!

  5. How sweet - I have a little gift love in my love language too!! Love the date book idea - just found your blog through the linkup!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. oh my goodness I adore this! First of all my husband got me one of those date books he designed himself a couple valentines days ago and second of all my bridesmaids walked down the aisle to James' fav hymn! Ya'll are too cute!! xoxo

  7. Aww happy anniversary! That last pic is adorable! Love your anniversary gifts to each other. A spa day sounds amazing... hope you guys have an amazing weekend!

    <3, Pamela

  8. Hello from the link up! What sweet gifts and how thoughtful of your husband! Happy 1st anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated our 1st anniversary in May. Hard to believe how quickly the time has flown!

  9. It looks like you two had a sweet anniversary. I like how you stayed with tradition, we did too. I wish Nashville was a cheap weekend away. Dying to visit.

  10. this is so cute! my anniversary is coming up, and we had discussed that we wouldn't do gifts, rather go on a little trip (or big trip) each yea, but now i want gifts! i'm with you, i love the thought behind gifts but to be perfectly honest, i love my hubby but he sucks at gifts! haha. think i might stick with trips. nashville is super close to us, i have been twice but never with my husband so cant wait to see your recap!

  11. This is the cutest thing ever!!!! I love all the gifts! So thoughtful! :)

  12. OMG stop it you guys are so flippin' adorable!! :D I'll have to check out that datevitation website! Sounds like you had a perfect anniversary! :)

  13. This is the sweetest! So adorable. And what FUN gifts! Happy Anniversary to you two :)

  14. I LOVE all these sweet anniversary gifts but the one he got you has to be my favorite!! :)


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