Monday, February 3, 2014

10 Favorite Thing: That Special Someone

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Today I'm joining Brianna for her "10 Favorite Things" link-up. In honor of Valentine's Day this months theme's is that special someone. I talk about the husband a good bit on here, but I'm excited to share a list of my favorite things about him. He's a pretty special guy.

1. His faith: Hands down, no questions asked my favorite thing about James is his faith. He places God before me and I love him for that. It's easier for a control freak like me to let my husband lead our family when I know he relies on God to lead his life. 
2. He's funny and goofy: I never realized how important it was to have a guy with a sense of humor until I met James. He's hilarious and he's goofy. He keeps me laughing.
3. He's driven: We all known people who just settle in life. That isn't James. He challenges himself in his career and in life. I love that he has the drive to succeed and better himself. 
4. He's really smart and good with computers: What else can I say? The husband is smart, he knows a lot. He also knows a lot about computers which is really helpful because I don't. 
5. He grew up a UGA fan loves football: He did grow up a UGA fan, but he doesn't talk about that. We may not share a love for the same college team, but we share a love for the sport. 
6. He's supportive: I don't always believe in myself, but I know James does. He's one of my biggest fans, and he knows I can do something long before I do.
7. He loves to travel and eat: I love that we share a desire to travel and a love for eating good food.
8. He's an extrovert: I'm an introvert. Even though I don't always like it, he pulls me out of my shell. I love  how he thrives in big groups, and I can always count on him fill in those awkward pauses in conversations that I dread! 
9. He's pretty cute: Looks aren't everything, but they are important. What else can I say? I think he's pretty cute :)
10. He stands up to me: Y'all, I'm a handful. My mom always told me I needed to find a guy who wouldn't let me run all over him. Well, I found that in James. He isn't a doormat. He has plenty of a backbone to stand up to me and I love him for it. 

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  1. Being married to a man of faith--who also has a sense of humor, is a very, very good thing.

  2. My husband stands up to me, too - I love that he challenges me! Sounds like you got quite the catch :)

  3. Love this! In case you haven't won one already... I nominated you for a Liebster! The questions are on my blog :)

  4. I absolutely adore this! What a great way to get to know your hubs a bit more! I laughed when I read #10 because that's EXACTLY how I feel about Sieg. Thank goodness we have men who can handle us, right?! Great post, dear! xo

  5. Awh! I love this it made me happy :) Thank you so much for linking up! Sounds like you have got yourself one amazing man girl!:)

  6. The picture is so cute! Having a good sense of humor is so important.

  7. It is great to have your own, personal tech support guy.

  8. Too cute! What a great guy! And cute picture too! :)

  9. Seriously, SO many of your favorite things about James are my favorites about John- I definitely need someone who will put me in my place every now and then!

  10. What a sweet list! :) You better show your hubby!

  11. I think this is the best top ten list any wife could have and single lady should wish for. Nice Taylor! :)


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