Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Goals

Some how January felt long and short at the same time. Does that even make sense? To be honest, I'm really not sad to see January go. It wasn't a great month. It was snowy, cold, and I had to sleep in an office building. I'm very ready for a new month and a positive start.

Only picture we got in the snow.
Please excuse the no makeup and lack of shower. The office building provided warmth and food, but no showers.
Part of me really didn't want to do a recap of how I did with my January Goals. It didn't go well and I hate admitting when I fail. However, in an effort to be transparent and use this as a learning experience and not a failure I'll go ahead and share.

Here's a look at January's Goals:

1. Love my husbandDate my husband
This wasn't really specific enough. I did plan one surprise date for James and I in January. We had an inoor picnic in the living room, so I'm counting this as a completed goal. However, this is one of those on-going, always working towards being better at goals.

2. Be intentional with othersPut my phone away at dinner
I would say I did pretty good with this one. I made an effort at dinner each night to put my phone away and not look at it. There is a lot of room for improvement in the phone area though.

3. Go on Adventures: Plan our adventure for the month
The adventure of the month was a trip to Savannah for a wedding. It was fun a fun trip. It's nice to get away sometimes even if just for the weekend.

4. Time with God & Love my Husband: Read through Wife After God 
This is the goal I'm most disappointed about not completing. I started off the month well, then got a few days behind, then a few more, and then I just gave up. I could tell you a million different excuses for why I didn't stick with it, but the truth is I just didn't make it a priority.

5. Organize: Get caught up on work notes 
You see, the crazy thing about goals is that when you set them you have to actively work towards them. I seem to have set this goals and just hoped it would achieve itself. Shockingly, that doesn't work. Seriously though this is a goal I thought about a lot and just kept putting off. I need to get better about setting a daily goal in order to actually achieve the overall goal.

 photo FebruaryGoals_zps0eb054dd.jpg

1. Be intentional with my husband: Turn the TV off during dinner at least 2x/week
I'm going to keep up with the January goal of putting my phone down during meal time, but I'm going to add turning the TV off. The husband and I have gotten into a bad habit of watching TV while we eat. I've said that when we get in a house we'll start eating at the table, but why wait to start then. 

2. Take care of myself: Bar Method!
For my birthday I got a gift card to my beloved Bar Method. I may or may not have cried when I opened it up. This month I'm getting back into an exercise routine and kicking it with a month of Bar Method. Words can't even describe. I'm so excited.  

3. Go on Adventures: Enjoy Valentine's Day Adventure
We have awesome Valentine's Day plans and I can't wait. We are going back to where we had our rehearsal dinner and having a special Valentine's Dinner. The goal is to go have fun and just enjoy our first married Valentine's Day. I'm feeling pretty confident about this goal :)

4. Time with God & Love my Husband: Read through Wife After God 
Let's try this again. After reading all the blogger reviews about this book I'm even more excited through this devotional. In order to accomplish this goal my day isn't going to get started until I read the devotional each day.   

5. Organize: Get caught up on work notes
Going to give one another go too. In order to work toward this goal, I'm going to set a smaller daily goal and write at least 5 notes every work day. Bonus points if I write some notes on the weekend. 

Happy February!

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  1. We need to get better at eating without the TV on, too!

  2. Yay for your first married Valentine's day! Enjoy! xo

  3. My husband and I eat dinner at the table, sans phones, and do our bible study together then. We're already together and having a reflective time and we love the tradition of it.

  4. I'm loving these monthly goals... I may take your lead and do some of these!! I find that I lose sight quickly with year-long goals!!

    Happy Tuesday, pretty lady!!

  5. I love that your broke your goals down into five different categories! What a great idea! I have no doubt you will be able to accomplish these this month :-)

  6. Loving these, Taylor! I'm so envious of your Bar Method gift card! I'm dying to try that routine out! And I totally hear you on the TV and phone problems. Sieg and I watch TV every night while we eat, and it's an awful habit. Reading your goals made me re-evaluate MY goals! Thanks for sharing! xo

  7. I stumbled upon your blog through the 5 on fridays & just started my own. I wrote a post similar to yours yesterday-what is it about January thats so uninspiring?? Cheers to a new month!


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