Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Impatiently Patient

Not yet...

Hold on...

Just a little bit longer...

I can't stand being told to wait. I'm impatient. When I want something I want it now.

Obviously patience is not a virtue I was blessed with, but I feel like it is something God is challenging me with right now. I have prayed for patience and I feel like He is answering that prayer with a stage in life that is challenging me to be patient and put all my trust in Him and His timing.

I've mentioned before that James and I have started house hunting. Y'all, I want a home something bad.  I'm so ready to be out of an apartment and in a house. I'm ready to decorate and make a space our own.

However, so far the house hunting process just hasn't gone our way. We've really liked a few homes, but for one reason or another things just haven't worked out. It's frustrating, disappointing, and disheartening. My mind immediately goes to the negative. "We'll never find a house" "This isn't going to work out" "We'll be in an apartment forever." Admittedly, that's incredibly dramatic especially considering we haven't been looking very long, but there's an example of that all or nothing thinking for you.

I'm so not perfect and sometimes my human nature takes over and my faith gets shaky. I start to want to take control back and put all my trust in myself. I start to turn my back on what I believe to be truth. It doesn't work and it leaves me feeling anxious and lost, but I'm stubborn. Sometimes I need someone or something to rock my world a little bit and bring me out of that dark place. Sometimes I need to be reminded that God's got this. Sometimes I need to pray for patience and ask for God's help and guidance.

These verses from Psalms 37 have been on my heart a lot lately and I can't help but find comfortable in these words:

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. I don't think that if I pray  God will give me everything I want. However, I do believe that if I place God at the center of my heart and my world He will align my desires with His greater plan. How awesome is that? God can change my heart and my desires. Now, that's something I can rest in.

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him Feeling slightly convicted here. Wait patiently. Be still. Four words I don't have mastered. Four words I know I can only do with help. Four words I need to live my life by.

This is another quote that has given me comfort these past few weeks:

His timing. Not my timing. His plan. Not my plan. I can rest in knowing God's in control. I can wait until He deems the time is right. I can wait and I can be happy in the waiting knowing I am growing closer to Him through this.

Oh ya, and remember what I choose to be my word for 2014? Maybe it's time to put that to use!

Today I'm joining Jenni over at Frankly My Dear for Wednesdays in the Word. I love the idea of sharing not only what you're reading, but also how God is using it.

Happy Wednesday! Stay warm!
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  1. Oh yes, from what I've heard, the house hunting process is definitely one that requires some patience! I hope the outcome is better than you can imagine!

  2. Oh I love this, Taylor! Sorry that you haven't found that perfect home yet, but just remember (as you already are) that God has such a great plan for you... waiting totally stinks, I hate my devo I read yesterday it talked about how God took the Israelites through the wilderness before bringing them to the promise land, and He did so because he knew what was best... this waiting time is your wilderness, God is taking you this way for a specific purpose! Hang in there!

  3. House hunting is tough. REALLY TOUGH. I bought my townhouse back in Feb. 2011 and let me tell you... it was a process. Between doing showings, offers, waiting, the closing process... it really tests you. BUT, it's definitely worth it in the end. And I always say (and believe) things work out for a reason.

    Don't forget to have a little fun with it along the way :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Patience is indeed what I think all of us struggle with the most as Christians. Everything happens on God's time. Try to look at the blessings in the middle of a storm. Like what a blessing it is to be able to afford a home. What a blessing it is to be house hunting for 2 (you and the love of your life)!! :) Also, patience in house hunting (much like car shopping) will pay off ten-fold. Of that I am sure! I could share my own story of buying my first house to prove that to you even more so but I will spare you the lecture, lol :). Keep patient. Your mind is set on God- you are headed in the right path!!

  5. Thanks! This was such a blessing to me tonight. My husband and I have been living in separate cities for a year because of his work. We are ready to be under the same roof again! We started looking for houses in March. It's been a test in patience, to say the least. I really want a house!! We've lost in bidding wars with other buyers a few times, which is frustrating. A few weeks ago, a seller accepted our offer on a house and we were so excited. Then, tonight, we had to opt out of the contract because it didn't pass inspection. Boo!! Long story short, I'm trying to focus on God because his timing is perfect and not give into the negative thinking. Your words were very encouraging to me! I came across your blog when I was right in the middle of a pity party. Thanks for pointing me back towards God!


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