Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Home Buyers Guide to Selling Your Home

I've shared here before that, for me, house hunting process was hard. Some people love the hunt and negotiating to get the best deal possible. Me? Not so much. I'm much more a fan of the moving in and decorating process. House hunting was anxiety provoking and there were too many sleepless nights I spent praying trying to give it all to God. I'm sure this was His way of teaching me lessons in the both patience and trust. God knows just how to speak to my heart even when I don't want to listen!

Looking back the actual process was pretty easy. I stressed and worried over the little things, but in the end everything came together and worked out just how it was suppose to. I really can't be anything but thankful for the wonderful people we worked with and the experience as a whole. 

I learned a lot through this whole process. I learned about how to buy a house. I also learned about how to sell a house, and even more about how not to sell a house. 

So, if you're looking to sell your house, or if you just want to read about some crazy houses, here are a few of my tips!

1. Clean up:
Seem obvious? Trust me, it needs to be mentioned. If you want to sell your home please don't leave your dirty laundry on the floor. Call me a snob, but as a potential home buyer, I don't want to step over dirty bras and boxers. I get it, you get a call last minute that some homebuyer is on their way to see your home. That's got to be annoying, but let's remember you're the one selling your home. I don't care if you hide all your dirty laundry in the dryer; just please don't leave it on the floor. I apologize in advance, but I'll judge you and your home.

2. Paint
I get that you love bright blue, dark red, hot pink, and black. It's your home do what you want... until you decide to sell it. The black and pink polka dot wall goes with the theme of the room? Awesome, looks great; except it's not my style. Please, for the love of selling your house, spend the money to paint the walls a light neutral color. It's easier for me to see my style in your home if I'm not overwhelmed by yours.

3. De-clutter
You have stuff. I know, me too! But, trust me your rooms will look so much bigger if you put some of your stuff away. I can't picture my cluttery self in your house if I can't even see the floor. You have a reason to have five couches in one room. Cool, but then I can't see how big the room actually is. Do yourself a favor, find a place to hide your extra stuff.

4. Put your pets away
I know you love your pets. I'm sure they are adorable and so sweet, but please put them away! It's difficult to walk through your house when your cats are jumping all over me and trying to escape when I walk outside. I want to buy your home. I don't want to spend hours looking for the animals I accidently let outside.

5. Give the outside some love too
Haven't mowed your lawn in 3 months? I'm not judging ... until you put your house on the market. You want me, the buyer, to love your home. Do what you can to make it look presentable. I promise it's worth it. Mow the lawn and trim the bushes. It makes all the difference. If you're feeling extra crazy rent a pressure washer and pressure wash the mildew off the siding. It does wonders for the look of your house and a pressure washer costs about $50 a day to rent. I will love you for it!

Ok, there's my advice on how to sell your home! Moral of the story? Clean up and spruce up! If you show your home some love chances are it will show!

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  1. these tips are amazing! bookmarking!

  2. Thank you for some great tips, our house is for sale right now :)

  3. Isn't it amazing the things that you'd think were common sense...

  4. Love this post. Amen to all the above!

  5. GREAT tips!! Selling our home was crazy...and ALL of these are necessary!

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