Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Favorite Things: Gifts

Today's the last link-up with Elise and Jen. It's been so much fun sharing and getting all sorts of gift ideas! Today's topic was the one I was most excited about from the beginning. While I love getting gifts, I really love giving them. Nothing better than finding that perfect gift for someone. I'm loving Etsy this year, so that's where all of the gifts are coming from!

 My Favorite Things : Gifts <$100  

{one} I love these: burlap with driftwood frames... perfect! We gave one to Sis and Micah as their wedding gift. Not only are they really well made, but the company was so easy to work with! While this is my favorite design, they have so many great ones to choose from!
{two} I originally saw this on another blog and immediately feel in love. I've had so many friends move out of state recently and I love the idea of giving them a reminder of home! Also loving this one and this one.
{three} While statement necklaces are fun, when I'm giving gifts I like classic and simple. I aim for something that could go with just about anything. I love the color and simplicity of this necklace! Plus, if statement pieces are more your this shop is great for that too!
{four} Bath bombs are so much fun and make great gifts for girlfriends! Include a book and wine and you've given a friend a night to look forward to!
{five} I've had a really hard time finding coasters that I really like. They all seem either way out there or really boring. These personalized coasters are great! They're pretty and functional. They would be great for a Christmas gift or a wedding gift! Let's be honest, it's always fun to get pretty, personalized, and functional gifts!
{six} Mason jars enough said! I store everything I can in mason/bell jars. Having one more around the house definitely wouldn't be a bad thing! Plus, the color is wonderful!!
{seven} Sweet and simple and would go with anything!

Can't wait to see your gift ideas!

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  1. That mason jar spoon rest is too cute! The necklace is equally as darling! Great list Taylor!

  2. Mason Jar Spoon Rest = Amazing. Love Love Love!

  3. I so agree on the mason jar color perfection! LOVEEE that little find!
    Thanks for being such a big part of what made this linkup so fun for us!!!! You are oh so wonderful! CHEERS!

  4. IN LOVVVVVVE with the mason jar spoon rest!!! Thanks for sharing your great little find!! :)

  5. Oh my goodness I was just looking at #1 on Etsy to gift to my sister the other day! haha :) Love it!

    1. I can make these! :) Just a little FYI! I may or may not be able to give ya a little tutorial!!

  6. oh geez and the mason jar spoon rest?? Purchasing now!

  7. That mason jar spoon rest...I'M OBSESSED! All these things are so great!!

  8. Love that Home tee, might have to hint to my husband for one of those! :)

  9. What a sweet southern gift list you have made there! I LOVE everything on it! The home tee & that blue mason jar spoon rest is precious!! I have actually made #1 & #5 before! I can totally give you all the details!! :) Happy Tuesday, Love!

  10. Loving that mason jar spoon rest!!

  11. I am really loving the mason jar spoonrest! Really, really loving! That would make an awesome gift! Thanks for sharing ;-)

  12. Etsy is one of my favorite go tos as well! Number 1 is adorable id love to see that under my tree :)

  13. I saw those tees on etsy the other day... I'm obsessed!

  14. I have friends with the last name Ball. I might need to get them that mason jar spoon rest!

  15. Obsessed with that mason jar rest!!!! :)



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