Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December

I had a few posts planned for late last week, but ended up foregoing those for time with family.      Hope y'all don't mind :)

We spent Thanksgiving this year with my family. It was the first time all six of us have been together since Sis' wedding at the beginning of October. It was so good to be together again, and a little weird that Sis wasn't the one I was rooming with this year.
We spent all day Thursday cooking, eating, and watching football. It was wonderful! I have a few recipes I'm hoping to post in the next few weeks!

Friday we got our first Christmas tree! We went all out this year and cut down it down ourselves. For the past few years my parents have had an artificial tree, so it's nice having a real tree again.

James did all the work and actually cut the tree down. Me? I just took pictures. I'm not the most coordinated person, so it's better for me to stay away from the sharp objects.
Meet Charlie the Christmas tree! He's beautiful and we love him.

Saturday Dad, James, and I took our annual trip to the UGA/GT game. We don't go to the beach for Thanksgiving because of this game. It's a big deal. 
As you can see James and I are not in the same colors. All football season we try to be supportive of one another's team, but as soon this game comes around there is no support to be seen. When we were dating we would agree not to speak this entire weekend. Not really a healthy option when you're married, so we decided this year we would go to the game together and go home together, but we would not sit together. Based on how the game went this was a good decision.
It was the most exhausting game of my life, but we pulled out a double overtime win. 
We agree to no gloating or boasting, but the winner gets to put their teams ornament on the top of the Christmas tree. 
Guess the Dawgs are on top this year!

Now it's time to make Charlie pretty and get in the Christmas spirit!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Happy December!

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  1. I love that y'all cut down your own tree. We go to a Christmas tree farm every year and I always just snapping away behind the camera!


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