Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday, Vol. 12

Happy Friday and Happy 2014!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I haven't been the most consistent blogger over the past two weeks, but family time was my priority and it was so wonderful! I have really missed this Five on Friday link-up though! I'm so excited to get back to linking up with the lovely DarciAprilChristina, and Natasha!

Instead of doing a big Christmas and New Years recap {my camera got neglected over the holidays}, I thought I'd share some of the highlights from over the holidays. Follow me on instagram for a more detailed recap :)


{O N E}

Celebrating out first married Christmas! 
It was so much fun to wake up with my husband in my parents house on Christmas morning!

We always go to the eleven o'clock candlelit service at church. Wanna know a secret? I wore my Christmas Jammies to church and loved it!

{T W O}

We traveled a lot over the holidays. South Carolina to Georgia to North Carolina to St. Simons to Hilton Head then finally back to Georgia! We spent lots of quality time with the car. This 6 disc CD set really helped to pass the time. Garth Brooks was my first concert ever, so there is a special place in my heart for him :)

{T H R E E}

Mom, sis, and I took a golf lesson! The men in our lives have tried to get us to play for years and it's just never happened {we've avoided it at all costs}. Well, this year in Hilton Head it finally happened. True story: a 3 hour golf lesson makes you really sore! I'm not about to go play 18-rounds of golf anytime soon, but it was fun... when I hit the ball. I have awful hand-eye coordination; that's why I swam and never played ball sports!

{F O U R}

Lara Casey's 2014 Goal Setting is rocking my world! I've never been a big on resolutions because they don't work for me. However, I've always been a goal setter. The way she encourages you to look at the past year and plan for this year is pretty incredible! I can't wait to finish it up and share what I've learned with y'all!

{F I V E}

I bought this devotional, Wife After God from Unveiled Wife, for my kindle a few months ago and never got around to starting it. Two of my goals for 2014 have to do with being a better wife and spending more time with God. This devotional seems perfect for that. Plus, two of my favorites {Jenni and Elise} are going through it too and a little accountability is always helpful :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I just found your blog!! I love that you took golf lessons.. My husband loves golf but I have never really got into it because it was so slow for me and I never could hit the ball :) Glad you had fun on your lessons

  2. Happy first married Christmas!! Such fun memories, I'm sure! :)

    And I love that you wore your jammies to church... those socks are adorable!!


  3. Happy New Year girlie! It looks like you had a lovely two weeks visiting your families and GO YOU for taking a golf lesson! I was sore after decorating our tree this year (we're getting so old, aren't we?) so I could only imagine what golf would do to me! Ha! I've seen so many bloggy friends post about Lara Casey's goal setting so I clearly need to get on board with that! Have a fabulous weekend, friend! xo

  4. Bless! As if I couldn't love you more, love that y'all wore that precious get up to church too! And first married's like a pinch me moment! Soo much love! And yes thankful for our accountability in going through the devo together! Glory to Him!!! xx

  5. That is one of the best devotionals! I started it a few months ago and forget to read it and now I am back at it and love it! Two of my goals were to be a better wife and dig a little deeper into Gods word this year! Hoping this goal sticks :) Happy weekend!

  6. I love your fun socks from your Christmas Jammies! Please tell me those made it to church too!

  7. Found you through the link-up & look forward to following along. Garth Brooks & turquoise are two of my favorite things. Happy weekend!

  8. I'm reading through Wife After God. You are going to love it! It is amazing!!

  9. My husband has been trying to get me to golf with him, and I just can't do it! I had a traumatic experience (7 stiches) from golf.. but maybe a lesson would make me feel more comfortable with it again :) I thought we did a lot of traveling this Christmas but you two definitely win that prize! Have a great weekend!

  10. Christmas Jammie's to church, you are too cute!

  11. Love that you included taking pictures and not analyzing them! I think we could all find some extra peace in that :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Although busy, it looks like you had a great few weeks. I've been hearing a lot about that devotional and have been interested in reading it too.

  13. Lara Casey is fabulous. Looks like you had a fun holiday season :) Happy new year!

  14. That tree is gorgeous in the background of that first picture! So fun that you took a golf lesson with your mom and sis, I'm sure it was a great time and something new and fun to do! Loving your blog, so glad I found it!


  15. I would love to take a golf lesson. Looks so fun!



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