Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January Goals

If you missed my goals for 2014 you can check them out here.

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1. Love my husband: Date my husband
When James and I were dating I would plan surprises all the time. I would give him little gifts for no reason and take him out on surprise date nights just because. Now that we're married I've stopped doing a lot of those things. This month I want to get back into the mindset of continuing to date my husband. 

2. Be intentional with others: Put my phone away at dinner
This is almost embarrassing to admit, but I'm pretty bad about not ignoring my phone during dinner. I won't take calls, but if I get a text message or an email chances are pretty good I'll look. Dear self, it can wait! This is one of those goals that isn't just going to last one month. My phone will remain untouched during mealtime and everything can be dealt with after dinner. Family and friends: please hold off all emergencies until after dinner. K? Thanks.

3. Go on Adventures: Plan our adventure for the month
We're going to a wedding in Savannah this weekend. Rather than just going down and coming right back we're making a weekend out of it with friends. Self-admittedly I'm pretty snobby when it comes to Savannah {Charleston has my heart}, but I'm actually really excited to get away for the weekend for some fun.  

4. Time with God & Love my Husband: Read through Wife After God
Devotionals help give me direction in my daily quiet time. This is a book I've been wanting to dive into for a while, and this is the month I do it! I'm looking forward to seeing what God reveals to me about my marriage through this book.

5. Organize: Get caught up on work notes
I'm so behind on my notes for work. I'm constantly thinking about it and have had a few sleepless nights worrying about everything I need to do. This month I stop worrying about what I have to do and actually do something about it.

Okay, I'm officially over all this "goal" talk until the end of the month!

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  1. What great goals for the month! I never thought to set goals by the month, just by the year! I'll have to start.


  2. Just catching up on your 2014 goals & your January goals! LOVE them!
    Especially the dating your husband! I love that idea.
    Jealous of your Savannah trip...I want a weekend getaway...somewhere WARM! haha!
    Wife After God is glad we're both doing that!
    Speaking of notes...want to be my pen pal?! :) Khala and I are pen pals & it's so who doesn't love snail mail?! Obviously this isnt the place to exchange personal info but facebook? or isnt there a private thing on insta now?!
    Hope you're having a great week!!!

  3. Hi Taylor! I am so glad you did a guest post for Melissa so that I could stumple upon this cute blog of yours! I love your goals, similiar to some of mine! I love the dating your husband and jumping into your devo :) Btw, I'm Brooke, a new reader/follower of yours!


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