Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday, Vol 13: Lessons Learned

Happy Friday Y'all!

We're heading to Savannah for a wedding last today. Before we head off to hopefully warmer weather, I'm participating in my favorite Friday activity with DarciAprilChristina, and Natasha!

Today I'm posting about 5 lessons I've learned this past week:

{O N E}

If you post pictures about having cravings people automatically think you're pregnant.

I posted this picture on Instagram with the caption: "My donut craving is finally being satisfied! Why am I craving donuts?!" Evidently if you mention cravings friends think you might be pregnant. I'm not, but it I was I can guarantee there would be a lot more visits to Sublime Donuts!

{T W O}

Guest posting is fun!

I did my very first guest post ever over at Melissa's blog Loving Life Moore earlier this week. It was a great way to meet new bloggers and get new followers!
Loving Life Moore

{T H R E E}

I like winning giveways!

Taylor over at Tattered to Taylored hosted a giveways recently and I won! I'm super excited to get my new shirt.

{F O U R}

Yoga is pretty cool!

I've been in a serious work out rut lately. I've blamed it on mourning the lose of my beloved Bar Method, but I'm out of excuses. I just started doing Erin Motz's 10 Day Yoga Challenge, and so far I'm a fan. I've wanted to get into Yoga for a while now, so hopefully this is my start!

{F I V E}

Cold weather is not fun.

So, temperatures dropped down to 6 degrees at the beginning of the week! I decided I deserved a coffee treat for getting out of bed on such a cold day {I live in Georgia this totally makes sense}. I got to Starbucks and attempted to roll down my window but it was frozen shut. Cue freak out. I then proceeded to sit in the parking lot for 15 minutes with the heat blasting waiting for the window to thaw. Never once did it occur to me that all I have to do was open the door to order. My Northern mother was pretty embarrassed that this never occurred to her Southern daughter.

Here's to a happy and hopefully warmer weekend! 

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  1. Your last story made me laugh! I've had days when my car DOORS get frozen shut...then basically I go around trying all four of them till I can manage to pull at least one open and climb inside, even if it's not the driver's door!

  2. Happy Friday! Those donuts look amazing!

  3. Hey girly! Stopped over from the link up! Keep up yoga, I think you'll love it! I did it for a while and now I'm missing it like crazy!! And also, those donuts look irresistible!!! I'd crave them too! :))

  4. Hahahaha I chuckled when I read about your Starbucks experience! It's been beyond chilly so you definitely deserved a warm, cozy treat! LOVE yoga! I'll have to check out the 10 day challenge! I'm in a rut as well and could use a fun workout. And I'm still swooning over your donuts. I want some, now xo

  5. I've been getting back into working out as well and have been alternating days of running and rest or cross training - I'm going to do hot yoga tomorrow! I'm so excited to get back into it. Keep up the good work!

  6. Haha that is too funny about your window being frozen!! I never thought it got that cold in Georgia but it seems like y'all are colder than us in SC sometimes! I have a problem with donuts, so I"m totally with you on the non-prego cravings :)

  7. YAY for giveaways! And wedding weekends! AND...donuts are always a good idea :)
    Safe travels, darling! Y'all have fun!!! xx

  8. Those doughnuts look amazing :)

  9. isn't Melissa awesome?? i'm a new follower over here:)

  10. That frozen window story is hilarious, I can see myself doing the same exact thing! Thanks for the new doughnut craving... going to have to grab one on the way home :) Have fun this weekend!

  11. Those donuts look amazing! I crave so many random things now I can only imagine how it's going to be when I actually am pregnant!

  12. Found you via the link up..
    I always get the most random cravings and when I post about them, I love how you always get that one person who automatically thinks your pregnant. Hilarious to me.
    I totally have had my window freeze on me too! I had a mini freak out too!

    - Kenzie

  13. Those donuts look amazing! Wishing I lived closer to them:)

  14. I have to admit, I've been a fan of the colder weather; however I did find a picture last spring of a rain storm rolling in and our green grass flourishing and it made me wonder "why do I enjoy cold weather so much??" haha. I guess it's the boots and sweaters :) anyways, I'm excited I found your blog from the link up! I'm glad to be following along now and look forward to reading more posts from you! Come say hi if you get a chance, I LOVE making new blogging buddies!

  15. I literally just laughed out loud at the Starbucks/window debacle! I totally would have done the same thing. The cold has been terrible in NC, too. Have a great weekend!

  16. HI! I found your blog via the 5 on Friday and it's super cute. I won my first giveaway a few months ago and I was so ecstatic!! I pretty much thought I was being punk'd... I'm definitely going to check out the yoga challenge, I'm always up for something new and I really enjoy yoga. Have a fabulous weekend!!

  17. I laughed out loud when I read your #5! Haha! Too funny! It's been super cold in Michigan as well! -13 most days this week! Yikes! I totally agree with #1 too... I get the same thing and especially if I'm not drinking when everyone else is! Haha. Have a great weekend!

  18. What a fun post!! Mmm... donuts! Your friends jumping to the craving preggers conclusion and your #5 story made me giggle :) We've been in the negatives this week {Monday the temp was -11 with a wind chill of -33...yikes!!} Looking forward to warmer temps for all of us soon! ;) Congrats on your giveaway win! So much fun!! Have a fab weekend!!

  19. That is too funny about the window - I wouldn't have thought to just open the door either, but I am in FL sooo maybe not the best comparison. Good luck with your yoga - love yoga! But, all I want is a donut now.

  20. This past week was the BEST weather for Starbucks! I hope y'all enjoy your weekend in Savannah and the wedding!!! xo

  21. I think the Starbucks window issue would totally happen to me, too! I'll have to try out the 10 day yoga challenge -- sounds fun!! :)

  22. You are so cute! I just recently guest posted for first the time and loved it also. I'll have to go check yours out. And winning a giveaway? Lucky you! I hope you have a great week.


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