Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday, Vol. 8

Happy Friday All!
Linking up with the lovely Darci, Natasha, April, and Christina to share a few favorites this week.


During my first solo shopping trip last Friday I picked up this dress. James' work has a big Christmas party every year and I thought this would be cute to dress it up. It doubles as a great work dress and is the most comfortable thing ever! I'm planning of wearing tights and little black booties for the party. I'm seriously considering stepping out of my box and wearing black tights with little gold dots to add some sparkle {yup, really going crazy here ;)}. 
Any of you fashion smart people have any advice? Gold dots or just textured black tights?

{T W O}

I linked over yesterday to The Thankful Project for the first time. Today's prompt is: an annoyance. I actually wrote about this earlier this week. Rather than rehash it all again I'll just send you over to it here. It so hard to appreciate the hard and annoying stuff, but ultimately the hard stuff is what brings me closer to God. So, that's it reason enough for me to appreciate the annoyances. 

{T H R E E}

When I lived with my parents my dad used to bring me Starbucks almost everyday after his 6 am run. It was great. I think that was the one habit James was most worried about me not breaking when we got married. I've suffered through survived without my daily Starbucks fix.
Wednesday night James was on a work trip in Rhode Island, so I stayed the night with mom and dad. I woke up yesterday morning to my Starbucks delivered by dad. My heart was so happy. I love that man!

{F O U R}

Yes, I'm married. Yes, I already planned my dream wedding. Yes, I bought this magazine. 
Yes, I'm so excited to read it. What can I say? I'm a sucker for pretty wedding pictures!

{F I V E}

We're going camping this weekend. I'm hoping to give y'all a recap on Monday as long as we don't freeze and as long as we survive {I may have a super irrational fear of dying in the woods}. James loves camping. I love sleeping in beds. I'm going along with this because it makes him happy. The things we do for those we love :)

Have a safe, happy, and warm weekend!
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  1. I think your dress would look cute with black tights with gold dots! And I can't wait to get the Southern Weddings magazine! Super excited!

    Stopping by from the link up!

  2. i'm the same way...don't care if i'm married...still love the SWmag!!! so much! my favorite wedding mag in the world!! (and i still love say yes to the dress too! ;))
    happy fri, beautiful! xx

  3. Ohhh have fun camping this weekend! And stay warm!

  4. Starbucks makes everything better, doesn't it?! My fiance is getting ready for warrant officer training though, so we're trying to cut down on the sweets haha yeahhhhh it's sad.

    Have a TON of fun camping this weekend, girl! I can't wait to see your recap! :)

  5. I want to subscribe to that magazine. I'm married too, but that's probably the best wedding magazine out there. The pictures are so pretty!

  6. those red booties are gorg!

    newest follower;)

  7. I want someone to deliver Starbucks to ME!

  8. I was just talking to my husband this we got our sad I am that I don't need wedding magazines anymore. I might get them anyways now lol!

  9. so glad you got the gold polka dot tights. I'm stealing them at Christmas....and maybe not giving them back :) Tell James I will be a mad SIL if you doesn't bring you back in one piece from this camping trip!

  10. Oh I still look at magazines and all that stuff! I claim it is so I can help friends who are getting married lol. I say go with the black and gold!

  11. My wedding was in 2011 but I still look a wedding magazines too!!! And love it! :)

    Have fun on your trip! Stopping in from the link-up,

  12. Stopping by from the link up! :) New follower! What about a chunky belt with the dress? And definitely with tights with gold dots. :)

    Your Daddy sounds awesome! :)

  13. How sweet is your dad!! What a great treat that was! Enjoy your weekend, friend! :)

  14. I found you through the link up and I already love your blog. I will be following and wading right over to see what the thankful project is all about!


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