Thursday, November 7, 2013

Office Tour

I'm so excited to share my new office with y'all!
About a month ago I first found out I was going to get my very own office. My first thought was "I got to get my diplomas framed!" I was beyond thrilled and couldn't wait to start planning/decorating and making it my own. I'm only being slightly dramatic when I say it felt like I was getting a home. My first call {after the husband} was to my mom and we immediately got to work. She really helped me to put the "look" together. I explain to her what I'm thinking {in my own broken decorating language} and she somehow makes it happen. That's how we work. Seriously, couldn't have done this without her.

First the before...
I apologize for the awful blurry phone picture. I didn't think anyone but mom was going to see these, but alas in the midst of all the "moving in" excitement I totally forgot to take before pictures with my big girl camera. It wasn't a bad before, just a little sparse and in need of some personal touches.

And now, the after...

Curtains & Grey and Yellow Pillows: Homegoods
While we bought a few things, most of it was DIY projects. 
Mom found the two chairs at a garage sale and picked them up for cheap. They looked fine before, but just didn't fit what I was thinking. Remember my obsession with Annie Sloan paint? Yup, she came to the rescue again! So easy to paint! However, reupholstering the chairs, totally different story. If I never pull another staple out of a chair it will be too soon!

My favorite part?

This bookshelf that we built! I got the idea from one of James' friends. Mom and I took a picture to Lowes and asked a guy for help. He had serious doubts about our abilities and told us we were better off buying a bookshelf. His doubts made us all the more confident... and we planned on having dad do the building all along. I do know what floor flange is now and that we will never again use the belt sander without supervision

I love having place for all my old school books, and James loves that they aren't in the apartment anymore!

I love it so hard and love going into work everyday!
Thanks for letting me give you a tour! Happy Thursday!

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  1. I love your office! Can't decide what my favorite part is - the bookshelf or the painting above your desk. I wish I had an office like that to work in.

  2. Woah! Hello CREATIVE GIRL! Looks fabulous, especially that bookshelf!

  3. wow! so lovely! i adore the curtains! what a fun look! xx

  4. That is adorable! Very talented ladies...I would love going to work too with an office like that!

  5. This is so cute!! And I can't believe you made those shelves! Enjoy your new office :)

    1. Thank you! I love the book self, and it really wasn't too hard!

  6. Looks awesome! Love the curtains you chose.

  7. Wow. Total 360. Looks awesome. I have a government-issued-total-drab office, can you come makeover mine? :)

  8. The only problem with this office is it makes me want to have to come to you for counseling so I can just sit in there and enjoy its beauty! :)

  9. Brilliant! What a gorgeous office space! I want to work there!

  10. This is gorgeous, Taylor! LOVE every bit of it :) The bookshelf is beautiful...I must learn how to make one!

  11. Love your office! It makes me want one of my own! I would love spending my days in there too!


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