Monday, November 18, 2013

We Survived AND Had Fun!

We went camping and we survived! We came home with no injuries and we didn't run into any serial killers {too much Criminal Minds lately}.

The first time James I went camping we had only been dating 3 months. We had no electricity, bathrooms, or running water. I don't think either of our families were expecting us to come back still speaking to each other. We came back still dating {we actually said "I love you" for the first time on that trip}, but James promised me we wouldn't go camping like that again. Even so, when he suggested going camping this year I was really nervous. While we had a good time, peeing in the woods wasn't my idea of fun!

Thankfully, this trip was much different. The bathrooms were within walking distance and we had electricity. Heater inside the tent? Don't mind if I do! 

I set my camera right by the door so I wouldn't forget it. Guess what? I forgot it. I absolutely did not stomp around the campsite and pout. Okay, so maybe I did...

James taught me the 2 rules of camping: don't set up camp in the dark and don't set up in the rain. We managed to do both. By the time everything was finally set up it was time for a much deserved drink by the campfire that was next to impossible to get started in the rain. 
Hot dogs roasted over the campfire for dinner? Not happening...

Story-time: When I was in 2nd grade I had a serious fear of fires. Like cried every night and couldn't sleep kind of fear. I ended up seeing the school counselor for a few weeks and we had to get an escape ladder that we put under the bed. I prayed every night:
 Dear God,
 Please bless my family and everyone in the world.
Please don't let there be any fires or any burglaries.
Please keep my family safe.
 I actually prayed this way longer than I'm willing to admit; there is no way I still start my nighttime prayers with this :) I digress, eventually my fear went away, but now I have a crazy odd fascination with fire. I love watching it and watching things burn. It's weird.

Back to camping. Saturday we woke up and went hiking. Really, we just climbed up and down lots of stairs. We were camping at the top of a canyon and there were some really pretty waterfalls once you climbed hiked to the bottom of the canyon. Any sort of water in nature is my happy place, so I was in love.

 The husband knew how upset I was about forgetting my camera, so he offered to be photographer for the weekend. He's sweet :)
I just had to make sure we made it back by 3:30 so I could watch my awful game. I camped out in the hammock for about 30 minutes watching the game on my phone before I just couldn't handle it anymore. Y'all, I can't even... :( 

I was smiling at this point; the game obviously hadn't started yet.
Some couple friends of ours joined us for our second night of camping. We spent the evening huddled around the fire playing the "Newlywed Game." Moral of that story: James and I know really odd things about each other. If there was ever a fire one of the three things he would grab would be his Calvin Johnson signed football. I would grab my pillow. We both got this right... we just work.

We're made it home safely and in desperate need of a shower. Good sign of a successful camping trip!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!
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  1. aaah this is my kinda weekend!!! SOO FUN!!! xx

  2. Oh, this just looks like SO much fun, Taylor! Ryan isn't much of a camper, but I'm going to wear him down while we're living in Arizona ;) I know I can do it!

  3. You have such great pictures regardless of forgetting your camera. It looks beautiful there!


  4. So fun! The scenery is awesome.

  5. I love this!! So glad y'all survived. I will be adopting that prayer for me...errr...I mean my future kids ;)


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