Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Favorite Things

I'm so excited to be linking up with the super sweet Elise and Jen

I love their "Favorite Things" idea! Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite things and what's on my Christmas list this year! {hint! hint! James!}

{one} I have been searching for brown boots for a while now. I saw these in Target the other day and immediately decided that I needed them. I love the color and the studs on the back. Also loving these. Target really knows what their doing when it comes to shoes! 
{two} So, when it comes to perfume I'm pretty boring. I wore the same thing for years before I finally branched out. However, ever since I started getting Birchbox I've been forced to try new things. I've never been a big Juicy fan, but I'm obsessed with how this perfume smells. It's my new favorite and since I'm out of the sample size it's time to get some more! They also have these {found here and here} cute rollerball sizes that are perfect for traveling. 
{three} I've never been a big monogram person. Being from the South I know this is shocking. However, I'm loving gold monogram necklaces and have been lusting after this one ever since the wedding. 
{four} I love the prints from The Southern Wedding Shop. So sweet and so pretty and they would go perfectly on our {future} gallery wall. Gold, teal, pink I love them all! | 
{five} It's finally time for a hair wand. Sis stole took her curling iron back, so I've been left with no way to perfect my hair curling abilities. I think it's about time I got my own and I've heard good things about this Cortex one. 
{six} This pillow was one of my favorite wedding gifts. It was the first gift I received with my new last name on it. It sits on our bed in front of all our other pillows. 
{seven} Sis made this cross for me a few years ago and I've loved it ever since! It use to sit on a shelf in my bedroom, and now it hangs on a wall in our apartment. It's colorful and crafty and probably my favorite thing she has made for me. She also makes little ornament ones, so I'm trying to convince her into letting me have one of those of our tree. 

Be sure to link up with Elise and Jen and share some of your favorite things this year!

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  1. Oh how I love you. I'm wearing viva la juicy right now! I love a good monogram (even more exciting post-marriage!!). I couldn't ever curl my hair until the wand came along. (The clamp was too complicated for this girl.) And I collect crosses!!! Love how they come in all shapes and colors and sizes! Yay!!! Love love love your list. Obviously!!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us, doll!!! Hugging you!


  2. Love that monogram necklace!! I've been craving one of those for a while too :) That Southern print is so cute!

  3. I am a huge target fan as well! I plan on going there later this week, I'll have to check out those boots! I love that pillow with your names on it as well; I'm not married but I love the idea of putting your new last name on everything. Found you through the link-up :)

  4. LOVE those boots- similar ones are on my list as well!

  5. Loveeeee that perfume- it smells so good!! Might be time to get me some of it... :) your list is so great!!

    1. Thanks!! Ya, if I don't get it for Christmas I'm definitely going to have to pick some up! I love it!

  6. I am a sucker for anything and everything monogrammed {yes, I realize I say that almost everytime I write a post}!!!!! :) The monogram necklace is the best! I always get so many compliments when I wear mine! Loving your list, girl!!! Thanks so much for linking up with us!!!

  7. Those boots are to die for! I have big calves, unfortunately, and can rarely find boots that fit haha love this list, Taylor! :)

  8. That Print we had done for the bar at our wedding in September! Love it! (and #6 I need!)

  9. I have that exact monogram necklace and LOVE it!

  10. Coming by from the link-up...I love that print!

  11. Love that Southern print! Love the curling wand and love everything monogrammed just like every other southern gal :) Love your blog!!


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