Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ceremony and Then Some

We started with getting ready. Next up the ceremony, but first the details. I know all weddings are personal and ours was no different. We tried to add personal touches where ever we could and our family helped in making our wedding feel like us.

The cross will hang in our house one day. We decided against traditional programs and instead my sister painted the program on a big chalk board.

My uncle was our pastor. He did an incredible job making our ceremony Christ centered and personal to us. 

       My dad and I rode in on a horse and carriage. When I first heard the idea I thought it was a little corny, plus I'm allergic to horses! After it was all said and done I'm really glad everyone talked me into doing it. They rang a bell then there was silence and all you could hear was the carriage. It was pretty cool.
Random fact: I'm 95% sure that this picture was taken I while telling my dad "Oh my gosh! I can't believe there are people here! Everyone actually showed up!" I was really excited we had guests!

The picture below captured my favorite moment of the day. 
Due to timing and not wanting to rehearse the ceremony we decided not to have a rehearsal the day before the wedding. Since we hadn't practiced how anything we weren't really sure the details of what was suppose to happen. After my dad walked me down the aisle James thought it was time for him to take me from my dad (it wasn't). There was an adorably awkward moment when James shook my hand and just stood there waiting. I'm sure he thought my dad was having second thoughts about giving me away. My our pastor/uncle had to pull him backing telling him it wasn't his turn yet. My uncle joked about how eager James was to marry me and commented on how it reflected his excitement for life. It was an genuine and sweet moment. Although not having a rehearsal made me incredibly nervous it ended up being one of my favorite parts!

The picture on the right is my cousin reading the Bible verse we've chosen to base our marriage off of (James 1:17). Aside from joking before hand that he was going to tell an embarrassing story about me he did a great job!
I think the picture on the right really captures the whole feel of the day: relaxed and fun.

We rode off in the carriage and did a lap around the farm. It was the perfect way to spend our first few minutes as husband and wife!

And just a few more of my favorites:

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh my word, your wedding was beautiful!!!

  2. I have chills. What a perfect ceremony spot, and those last 2 pictures are GORGEOUS!

  3. Such a beautiful wedding! Goodness, it's perfect! And you were a beautiful bride!

  4. Stopping by from the link up (5 on Fri) and I could not resist a wedding post! Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous. It looked like a perfect day!



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