Friday, October 11, 2013

Five for Friday, Vol. 3

It's that time again!
Loving linking up with Christina, Darci, April, and Natasha.
So excited for this relaxing weekend without any weddings!
As much as a I love them it's nice to have a weekend off!

{O N E}

This picture. We've been teased with just one photo from Sis's wedding. I'm dying to see more.
The lighting, the spanish moss, the sweet couple... doesn't get much better than that!

Amy Arrington Photography

{T W O}

This sauce. Game changing.
Be adventurous. Blend the onion with the sauce. Trust me, you'll thank me!
I may or may not have licked the pot. It's that good!

{T H R E E}

This place. Pizza is out of the world!
Plus it's BYOB. Just saying.

{F O U R}

This weekend. Apple picking!
Haven't decided where we're going yet, but I can't wait!

{F I V E}

This thing. Feels good to get back to meal planning after taking a month off.
Always love feeling organized!

Have a great and relaxing weekend!


  1. That picture is absolutely gorgeous and needs to be submitted to wedding websites and magazines! Going to save that sauce recipe to try soon!

  2. i love that what's for dinner idea!!! such a cute way to do it. i write our "menu" on a legal pad each week. ha! the pic from your sis's wedding is GORGEOUS...makes me all the more excited about my sissy's wedding in may! yay!


  3. That picture is GORGEOUS!!! I love the apple festival, I would love to go this weekend but the timing of the UGA game is really putting a damper on things!

  4. we're doing the same this weekend- apple orchard time! (hoping the rain will let up!) Can't wait to see pics!

  5. That picture is SO beautiful! Stopping by your blog for the first time!

  6. SO glad you liked it!! Happy Friday!

  7. Frank's comment at Sam's wedding was, "I'm so glad they invited the spanish moss." Clearly he recognized their potential for great pictures.


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