Monday, October 14, 2013

Food, Football, & Festivals

Hi Friends!
 I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Even though we had a lot planned it was nice to not have to travel. Made it feel like more of a relaxed weekend for the first time in a while.

   Friday night we met up with my parents for a double date at Antico Pizza. The mozzarella and crust are out of this world good. I haven't traveled to Italy {yet} but I would imagine this is what pizza tastes like there. Have I mentioned it's BYOB?

I'm still not ready to talk about Saturday yet. Let's just leave it at James and I are going to forget football ever happened. Apparently neither of our teams got the memo that this was suppose to be a relaxing weekend.

Yesterday was devoted to all things apple. For the past two years James and I have made a trip up to Ellijay, GA for the apple festival {we love it so much we had our engagement pictures taken there}. We made our yearly trip yesterday for the first weekend of the festival. Truth be told this will probably be the last year we brave the apple crazy crowds. Maybe I'm getting old but the amount of people and traffic just aren't worth it. Apple picking on the other hand will remain a tradition. Maybe it's just me, but food tastes better when you have to work for it and when you get to see where it grows. 

I can't ever pick between the red and the green! And can we please discuss the gorgeousness of this sunflower?

Based on everything we brought home I'd say it was a successful trip. We may have gone a little apple crazy bringing home 10 pounds. We have apple sauce and collard greens cooking on the stove now... I'm thinking we're gonna need a few more apple recipes. 

See the pumpkin over there? His name is Mosley. We name our pumpkin. Totally normal, right?

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  1. We went to the apple festival too! I have to agree, as much as I love picking apples, the crowds from the festival have gotten way out of control.


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