Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday, Vol. 2

Linking up with Christina, Natasha, Darci, and April from South Carolina today.

A few loves from this week.

{O N E}

This girl. Best friend. Little sister.
Watching her get married tomorrow is going to be a whole lotta sweet 
with just a touch of bitter {South Carolina is stealing her away and I will miss her}. 
Seriously, coolest person I know. 

{T W O}

This stuff. "Southern popcorn" aka fried black eyed peas aka awesomeness!
Try it, you'll be hooked!


{T H R E E}

These shoes. Love. Still not entirely sure how to wear them, but I like to think I'm learning.

{F O U R}

This team. Yup, I had them on last weeks list. I'm still flying high on cloud 9 after last weeks
insane win!

{F I V E}

This view. Is this even real life?
Early morning walks are good for the soul.

Have a good weekend sweet friends!


  1. omg I have never heard of the fried black eyes peas- i have GOT to try this!!

  2. Love those booties from Target, but I not quite sure I'd be able to pull them off. :)

  3. Love those booties! Want to see what you do with them!

  4. Visiting from the 5 on Friday linkup! Oh my goodness that pic of you and your sister as babies made me get a lil teary! Congrats on her wedding - that picture solidifies my hope to have my kids really close in age! So sweet!


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